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Sponsor and Animal


Thank you for sponsoring a farm animal

What is a Farm Friend? A Farm Friend sponsorship is a one-time donation gift you give to a friend or loved one for a special occasion.

How does it work? You choose a Barn Yard Friend from the list available pick the start date (their birthday, wedding anniversary, Christmas, etc.) and fill in their details. On your chosen start date your friend will receive an emailed sponsorship certificate, a beautiful photo and a profile of the Farm Friend.

Want to do more? If you would like to sponsor a Farm Friend for yourself to support our ongoing mission at the farm you can become a Buddy Farm Friend and receive quarterly updates on your farm friend by being a monthly supporter of your Farm Friend.


Which Animal will you Sponsor?

Clementine (Turkey)
This handsome tom was found wandering down a country lane about ten years ago. A good Samaritan discovered him and tried to find his original home but to no avail. They did a very good thing by bringing him to the Ching Farm Rescue Sanctuary ironically just three days before Thanksgiving Day. Clementine didn’t identify himself as a turkey when he first arrived, most likely because he was so young and did not have any other turkeys to model himself after. He now rules the roost in an area we call the Flight Pens. He likes to strut around and makes sure that everything and everyone is kept in order. He is quite proud and confident of his unique reddish plumage.


Bello (goat)
This playful, spunky, soft white eight month old Nubian and Angora mixed goat was rescued by Ching Farm in February of 2018. He was found at large, wondering around and picked up by Salt Lake County Animal Services. He remained there as no one came to claim him. He found himself with a new safe and loving home at Ching Farm Rescue Sanctuary. He currently lives in the area referred to as “The Specials.”


Lil’ Wayne (Sheep)
This now three year old handsome male sheep found himself at Ching Farm Rescue Sanctuary when his mama sadly rejected him as a little lamb. Ching received a request to adopt him by the person who had been bottle feeding him for two months. This person had become so bonded to Lil’ Wayne and knew that Ching could provide him with a safe and loving place to live. Ching agreed to adopt Lil” Wayne with the understanding that they would also adopt Lil’ Wayne’s mama, Mama Mo as well, so they would not have to separated for the rest of their lives. The person agreed.


Clover (Sheep)
This sweet boy was born in January of 2017. His beginning is a mystifyingly scary one for an innocent tiny being. He was found on the side of Interstate 15 when he was merely a couple days old, his umbilical cord still attached to him. Fortunately, some kindhearted volunteers found him and rescued him from his terrifying fate. They attempted to locate his home, when seeing that there were no nearby farms, guessed that maybe he had fallen off a truck. They thoughtfully brought him to Ching Farm Rescue Sanctuary to be attended to and cared for.


Sven (Cow)
Without Ching Farm Rescue Sanctuary Sven would have found himself on his way to the slaughter house. This innocent sentient being was part of program called Discovery Ranch for teens with behavioral problems. As part of the program the teens raise a calf that at the end of the program is sent to slaughter. The young teen girl that raised Sven pleaded with her parents to save the calf from the most unfortunate fate. Her mother bought Sven and brought him to Ching farm to live a safe and happy life. He came four years ago.


Mabel (horse)
Mabel’s story begins in 2015 when she was found up in Butterfield Canyon in the middle of the night with cuts from barbed wire fences and several other injuries. She was extremely thin and possibly lost for awhile. She was rounded up by the local Animal Control Services. She spent five weeks in their care getting medical attention, feeding and shelter. Animal Services reached out to Ching Farm Rescue Sanctuary to give Mabel a home, of course there was no question, and Mabel was welcomed.


Fred (Horse)
Dear sweet Fred had a rough start with the first human who was to be trusted with his care. This person was discovered beating the innocent horse. He would tie a rope around his neck and his front leg so that Fred couldn’t run away or jump fences and then beat him. Fortunately, for Fred some compassionate people that frequented the stable where Fred was boarded, said something and did something, they were a voice for Fred. They contacted their local Animal Control Services and reported the animal abuse. The Animal Control reached out to Ching Farm Rescue Sanctuary and in January 2017 Fred’s life became one of gentleness, freedom and hope.


Tony (Pot Belly Pig)
This life loving pig is living the good life at Ching farm. When he was just a tiny two month old squealing piggy he was found by the local Animal Services outdoors in the cold in downtown Salt Lake City. If this wasn’t bad enough, he also had a dyed Mohawk, painted nails and was wearing a sweater. Animal Services took him to their shelter for the mandated hold time where no one came to claim him. To add to this babe’s misfortune, he was in very poor health and required much needed medical attention. Knowing that Ching Farm Rescue Sanctuary provides care to many other pot belly pigs, Animal Services reached out to ask for their assistance.


Handsome (Rooster)
This regal rooster began as a hatchling in an egg hatching program at a middle school. These programs are created for the kids to teach them the growth process of life and to observe the hatching of the chicks. They very often use inexpensive incubators that don’t accurately turn the eggs as carefully and efficiently as a mother hen would. The unnatural positions resulting in deformities. This was the case for Handsome. He was born with an extremely a deformed (splayed) leg. (Thankfully, today these programs are being highly discouraged for other methods of teaching the growth of life process, just because of so many cases of chick deformities.) Before Handsome came to the farm, the family that originally cared for him had his splayed leg operated on so that he is able to walk now.


Lelu (emu)
Our Emu Lelu is one of five others of which she is the matriarch. She has been at Ching Farm Rescue Sanctuary since she was eleven years old. She did not come alone; she came accompanied by her husband, Jamers, who sadly passed away a few years ago. The two of them originally lived with a family that found it impossible to keep them contained in their enclosure. The family reached out to Ching Farm Rescue Sanctuary to provide the two emu with a safe and loving home. Ching willingly accepted the emus to the farm. Lelu loves being squirted with cool water from the hose during our hot summer days and she enjoys dinning on tasty fresh greens.


Gift of Love

A gift of love donation is one time donation you can make as a gift for a friend or loved one for a special occasion. For a birthday, holiday, anniversary, wedding, etc.
Choose the gift from a list. Your friend or loved one will be mailed a photo card of one or more of the farm animals. It will include their name with a message from you. It will explain how the gift is helping the animals at the farm.

$25 Carrots Donation
$35 Chicken Feed Donation
$50 Horse Feed Donation
$75 Fresh Veggies Donation
$100 Hay Donation