Want to volunteer weekly to help with feeding and providing fresh water for the animals here? Can you clean stalls or pig houses? These are all ways that you could volunteer your time and energy, we can really use the help around here!

We currently have weekly positions from 9 am to noon for daily chores. We do NOT work in the afternoons, this is time for the animals to have some quiet time. Sadly, we do not have the staff to handle “one time” volunteer visits, but from April-October we will have group project days. Follow us on facebook for more details on these project days.

Please read the guidelines so you know what to expect when helping out at the farm. Please, ONLY applicants who are 16 or older (the work can be hard or even dangerous for smaller children). Download and fill out the Volunteer Release Form to bring out with you before heading out to the farm if you can. Recommended Attire, our Four Main Rules, and Volunteer Policies can also be downloaded for your convenience.

After reading thru everything, please fill out the form below. Responses may take 1-2 weeks (we are run entirely by volunteers and sometimes their “real” jobs get in the way!).



Personal Information

Volunteer Information

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 Horses Donkeys Llamas Cattle Emus/Ostriches Pigs (pot-bellied or regular) Goats/Sheep Chickens, Turkeys, or other fowl

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Volunteer Interests

 Cleaning stalls and pens Feeding animals Organizing fundraisers Trimming pig or goat hooves Transporting animals