Wish List

Items available at Intermountain Farmers Association (IFA) in Riverton, Utah:

  • Chicken Scratch ~$16 per 50 lb. bag (we use 8 bags per week)
  • Money for Farrier (for horse trims) ~$40-$45 per horse, we have 15 horses)
  • Purina Equine Senior Feed for senior horses – 50 lb. bag is ~$22 (we use 3 bags per week)
  • Purina Equine Ultium – 50 lb. bag is ~$27 (we use 3 bags per week)
  • Ching Farm Custom Blend Potbelly Pig Feed – 50 lb. bag ~$17 per bag (we use 7 bags per week)
  • Horse 4-Way – (sweet grain) 50 lb. bag ~$16 (we use 7 bags per week)
  • “Legacy” Joint Supplement for senior horses – $31 (we use 1 per week)
  • Alfalfa Hay Cubes – ~$13 per 50 lb. bag (Nandi eats 2 bags per week with his hay)
  • IFA Complete Pellets – $15 per 50 lb. bag (we use 2 per week)
  • Purina Goat Block – for the old and special needs goats (2 per month)
  • Salt and Mineral Blocks – 25 lb. block ~$6
  • Probiotics for Goats, Cows, and Horses


  • Used (clean) or new blankets for the pigs (we collect these year round)
  • Cat Litter (we prefer the kind that clumps – Tidycat Multiple Cat is what our kitties are used to)
  • Pine Shavings (for bedding)
  • Bales of Straw (clean & dry please)
  • Lumber, including 2×4’s, treated fence posts, chip board (at least 3/4″ thick). No scraps please.
  • T-posts 5.5′ or 6′ (for fencing) ~$5 – $8 each depending on size
  • 5′ x 16′ Wire Horse Panels available at any farm supply or fencing store (or can be found used!) ~$60 each
  • Horse Corral Panels – 12′ with or without gate – new or used
  • Dual Axel Flatbed Trailer, 12′ or longer
  • Rubbermaid Big Wheel Cart 5642 (Wheel Barrow), 7.5 Cubic Feet – the kind with two wheels! Available at Home Depot, Lowe’s, etc. for around $220
  • Solar Panels. For a few hundred dollars, many farm supply and home improvement stores have large solar panels available and we’d love to have some to supply electricity to our barn, green house, and pig houses. This could provide heat in the winter, de-iced water dishes, light and would go a long way to improving our out-buildings.