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Animal Care Classes


Animal Care Classes will be held on 2 Saturday mornings per month 9-noon. The first class is lecture, the second class is Hands On with our animals. In between, there is an online computer course. Classes will be taught in Modules – Horse, Pig, Cattle, Goat/Sheep & Chicken Modules.

Each Module will will include:

  • 1) Handling
  • 2) Husbandry
  • 3) Nutrition
  • 4) Anatomy
  • 5) Common Diseases

There will be online information for each Module (species), and a test so may see how much you learned.

Upcoming courses:

Saturday, Sept 17 & 24 – Animal Care: Horses I and II -Cost is $50.00. This includes lecture, hands on course and take home items.

Saturday, Oct 1, 9 AM – 12 PM – Goat Care -Presented by Mountain Edge Veterinary Technology – $40 tuition

Sunday, Oct 2, 11 AM – 1 PM – Animal Communication Class & Meditation – by Jennafer Martin

Please donate amount of course(s), per person, to our Paypal in order to complete registration: