2019 Hay Fundraiser: "A Great Day for Hay"


We need to secure funds to obtain hay that'll get us through until the end of June when first cut happens. Grass hay is so scarce at this time of year that we've been forced to purchase from farmers we've never worked with before, and they're unwilling to negotiate or hold the hay while we fundraise. The price per bale just keeps going up too! Since December, a single month of grass hay (150 bales) went from $1,200 to $1,800 per load, drastically cutting into our feed budget. Our urgency is in the $1,800 for this first load, but we also need the farmer to hold a second load for us at another $1,800 ($3,600 total). If we don't have enough to pay him within the next few days, it's likely he'll sell right out from under us—leaving us in an incredibly dangerous situation. We go through 4 tons of grass hay a month because almost all of our animals eat it (and cannot eat alfalfa), so it's not something we can go without.

To add to our trouble, the barn where we store alfalfa hay flooded earlier this month. This caused us to lose almost an entire ton of alfalfa! There are 28 bales per ton of alfalfa, and we go through 2 of these in a month... so this was equally as devastating, and it's hit us hard. To help make it to first crop, we'll need another $700.



Our $5,000 goal includes payment for all loads of grass & alfalfa hay delivered and stacked, and 1 months worth of feed (pig pellets, chicken scratch, supplements, and senior horse feed). We have an amazing donor willing to MATCH ALL DONATIONS up to $1,800 under one condition:

We MUST reach our goal of $5,000 no later than March 31, 2019.

*We didn't set up a Facebook donate link due to the urgency of our situation. The check from them will take too long to arrive.

Simply use the form below to submit your donation via PayPal or credit card. All Venmo donations should be sent to @chingfarmrescue.

Note: Venmo donations are not calculated by our goal progress bar.

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