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We are always in need of “angels” to help us purchase all the hay and grain we need. Your generous support is more than appreciated. Simply click the donate button to give via Paypal or credit card:

Or you can send a check/M.O. to: (make checks out to Ching Farm Rescue)
Ching Farm Rescue and Sanctuary
PO Box 935
Riverton, UT 84065

A note from Faith:


$25 will feed 12 cats for 1 WEEK
$30 will feed 47 goats, sheep, and llamas for 1 DAY
$50 will feed the horses and cows for 1 DAY
$17 will feed 1 potbelly pig for 1 MONTH
$18 will feed 100 fowl and 8 emus for 1 DAY
$70 will provide the older horses with the senior food they need, for 1 WEEK.
Ching Farm Animal Rescue & Sanctuary spends approximately $5,000.00 EACH MONTH to feed the animals alone, this does not include veterinary care. We are entirely reliant on donations from the public, we get no government grants or funding.

Your donation, whatever size, will help keep the animals here fed.