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Do you have an interest or curiosity about farm animals?

Would you like to volunteer weekly to help with feeding and providing fresh water for the animals? Can you clean stalls or pig houses? These are all ways that you could volunteer your time and energy, and we can really use the help around here!

We have weekly positions from 9 am to noon for daily chores. We do NOT work in the afternoons, this is time for the animals to have some quiet time. 

We are looking for consistent, reliable volunteers. It takes a lot of time and energy to train a new volunteer. We have no paid staff so we rely on our volunteers completely. We will occasionally make exceptions to “one time volunteer” visits, but really prefer weekly volunteers. 

From April-October we will have group project days for one-time volunteers. Follow us on facebook for more details on these project days.

Please thoroughly read the the guidelines. Download and fill out the Volunteer Release Form to bring out with you before heading out to the farm or preferably email it. Please also read the  Recommended Attire, our Four Rules, and Volunteer Policies

After reading everything thoroughly, please fill out the form below. Responses may take 1-2 weeks. We are run entirely by volunteers and sometimes their “real” jobs get in the way!

Faith will send you the address in response to your Volunteer Application. DO NOT google our name – it takes you to our PO Box