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Educational Tours

Ching Farm Rescue and Sanctuary offers regular educational tours. Refer to the calendar and our FACEBOOK PAGE for schedules. Tours last anywhere from one to two hours, often depending on the size of the group and level of interest. At these tours you will learn about our rescued farm animals, where they came from, their life now, about their personalities and emotions, and what can be done to prevent farm animals from needing rescue in the future.

Feel free to bring family, friends, children of all ages (although strollers don’t work on our bumpy ground very well), and cameras! This is a great way to see first hand some amazing farm animals. Please note that there are many free-roaming animals throughout the tour, we are not a petting zoo and do not lock our animals away to be gawked at. You will get to interact with our animals on their terms, which we feel is the best way to do it!

We do not charge but we do appreciate donations.

Please fill out the form below to get more information, and we will contact you with when the next tour is and our location in Herriman, Utah. This may sometimes take up to a week as we are an all volunteer organization. In the meantime, please read the guidelines for visiting the farm.

If you are planning to become a volunteer as well, please fill out a Volunteer Application online prior to the tour.

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