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The 5 Important Rules

Disrespecting the Animals

At Ching farm rescue and sanctuary we have a zero tolerance
policy toward any and all demeaning comments to, or about, any
animal (whether that animal is currently living at the sanctuary
or elsewhere. This includes “meat jokes”, calling an animal a food
name and/or making reference to carnivorous food products.


Each and every time you go into or out of a gate or stall you
must close and properly latch the gate or door. Animals are in
their particular areas for important reasons. It can be a life or
death situation for an animal who escapes from her/his area.

Animals’ Horns: Goats, Sheep and Cattle

Never touch or pet the head or horns of either the sheep, goats
or cattle at the sanctuary. Instinctually goats and sheep use their
horns to show their dominance over another animal. Touching
or petting this area can be very dangerous as it can make them
headbutt you or others. The cattle are very large and powerful
and for the safety of everyone involved – do not touch any of the
animals’ horns.

Chasing or Teasing Animals

No on is ever to chase, yell at, or act aggressively toward any
animal on the farm. Beyond the more obvious running after an
animal, if you walk toward an animal and they walk away, and
you pursue, that is considered chasing.

Only feed approved food

Treats or snacks for animals are not allowed unless prior permission is given by Faith.